The Andalusian horse, known as the Pure Spanish Horse or Pura Raza Espanola, is a horse known through the centuries as the “Horse of Kings”.  It is considered the most beautiful, athletic, and noble of all horses and has made its name through history from war horse, to the horse of kings and royals, and now to the equitation and dressage world of today. The Andalusian horses are also known in the performance world as the dancing horses.

It is here you may witness the beauty of these majestic horses and experience their presence in the show ring. The Andalusians are shown in hand, as well as ridden in a series of demonstrations to music to bring the taste of Spain and these majestic Spanish horses to public view.

The Royal Andalusian Riding School provides an entertaining show to the public, promoting the Andalusian horses as a world class horse, to music.

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28475 84th St, 

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