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The Royal Andalusian Riding School


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The Royal Andalusian Riding School is located in Scottsdale  AZ. Phil Merrill and his wife Sandra wish to expose the magnificent Andalusians to the world of dressage and show. Sandra has studied at the Real Escuela Del Arte Ecuestre in Jerez Spain and is a USDF Gold medal rider which she achieved riding Grand Prix on Samaritano IX, an Andalusian stallion imported from Spain.

Many talented riders would like to achieve and ride Grand Prix. We are a training facility dedicated in training riders to achieve FEI levels up to Grand Prix. This is an opportunity that is once in a lifetime. Day classes are available to secure riders wishing to ride advanced skills of Passage, and Piaffe.

We are a proud  advocate of the Pure Spanish Horse, showing them in the world class arena of Grand Prix dressage.

Call Us:                           28475 84th St, 

206.604.3034                   Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Call Us:


28475 84th St, 

Scottsdale, AZ 85266