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& Phil Merrill

Phone: 206.604.3034

28475 84th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Contact Our Trainers

Contact Our Trainers

Sandra Luebbe

Specializing in: Dressage Riding and showing up to Grand Prix, working in hand piaffe and passage.


Paula Paglia

Specializing in: Dressage Training up through FEI levels, instruction, showing and clinics.


Ali Stephens

Specializing in: Starting, training and bringing young horses up through the ranks.

602 695 2334

Missy Gilliland

Specializing in: Dressage Training up through FEI levels, instruction, and showing.


Toah Hatch

Specializing in: Horse Training, young horses and problem horses, showmanship and dressage of horses.


Call Us:                           28475 84th St, 

206.604.3034                   Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Call Us:


28475 84th St, 

Scottsdale, AZ 85266