The Royal Andalusian Riding School

The Andalusian horse, known as the Pure Spanish Horse or Pura Raza Espanola, is a horse known through the centuries as the “Horse of Kings”. It is considered the most beautiful, athletic, and noble of all horses and has made its name through history from war horse, to the horse of kings and royals, and now to the equitation and dressage world of today. The Andalusian horses are also known in the performance world as the dancing horses.

We specialize in PRE horses and have years of experience in training, riding, and competing this very majestic and noble horse in dressage. The Pure Spanish Horse is not like any other breed and therefore requires a very knowledgeable approach in their training. The Spanish horse is a very sensitive horse and we teach the rider how to excel on this exceptional breed.

We are a proud advocate of the Pure Spanish Horse showing them in Grand Prix dressage both Nationally and Internationally. We have taken a number of AA and professional riders up to Grand Prix to obtain their gold medals with USDF and CDI.

We are dedicated in training riders to achieve their goals up to FEI levels. With our expertise and horses, we are able to offer AA riders the experience of riding FEI. We have a number of PRE Stallions imported from Spain with exceptional work ethic ranging from PSG to Grand Prix. We pride ourselves in being able to give the rider the feel of passage, piaffe, temp changes and more. Once you ride a PRE, you will realize how special they are.

We have relocated to Wellington Florida and we are taking horses and clients into our training program! Contact us for more information.

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