Sandra Luebbe | Grand Prix Open Dressage Rider

Training Horses and Riders up to Grand Prix.  Sandra has attended the Real Escuela del Arte  Ecuestre in Jerez, Spain and has studied under the professional guidance of Raphael Soto, Juan Rubio and Belen Boutista.  She has achieved Grand Prix status as an open rider and has achieved her gold medal with the USDF.  She has imported a number of PRE Stallions from Spain and continues to train them up to Grand Prix levels showing their agility as a world class dressage horse. She is a rider for the “Royal Andalusian Riding School” spectacular.

Paula Paglia | Grand Prix Open Dressage Rider

Paula is a USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist.  She has also taken many young riders to the NAYRC with results which put her students on the pódium. One of Paula’s strengths is the imagery she combines with correct body mechanics. She has ridden for the last 30 years with a variety of well known trainers and coaches all who have given her a piece of the puzzle. She continues to train and compete and runs a small training operation near the school.  She recently won the 2016 AZ state championships in third, fourth, and PSG. She will be an associate trainer at the “Royal Andalusian Riding School.”

Ali Stephens | Dressage Rider and Trainer

An Arizona native, Ali, grew up on the back of a horse. She has won numerous championships in both the dressage and jumper show rings. Ali attended Etoile International Equestrian Academy, one of the most prestigious riding schools in Europe. She has trained with some of the most accomplished riders in the world and has won numerous FEI level classes, and titles. Training horses and riding up through Intermediate I.  She specializes in starting, training and bringing young horses up through the ranks. She is a rider of the “Royal Andalusian Riding School.”  Ali  achieved her USDF Gold medal riding Samaritano IX of the Royal Andalusian Riding School.

Missy Gilliland | Dressage Rider and Trainer

Missy Gilliland is a dressage trainer and instructor with more than 15 years professional experience.  She has studied under some of the most respected professionals in the country including Jan Ebling, Hilda Gurney, Tracey Lert, and Lientje Schuler.  Missy is also an active dressage competitor with an extensive record of success earning her USDF bronze and silver medals, as well as achieving multiple top rankings in the USDF ALL Breeds award.    She has achieved her USDF gold medal in 2017 riding Samaritano IX of the Royal Andalusian Riding School.

She fosters a harmonious relationship between horse and rider through classical dressage principals and has coached riders to national titles.

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